Researching the Need for Change

The ABPI leadership were concerned that their image was out-of-keeping with times and with their changing role. We did extensive research across a broad range of stakeholder groups, including businesses, regulators, institutions and the media, and found some people’s perceptions of the ABPI to be significantly out-of-step with the way the ABPI was working.  Although people who worked closely with the ABPI saw it as a very progressive and collaborative organisation, those who knew it less well, just by reputation, saw it as a rather more old-fashioned and bureaucratic organisation

Fact-based Brand Strategy

We presented the results of the analysis of the different sets of stakeholders to the management team, and used that with them to develop a new brand strategy - how they wanted to be seen in the future, and what would have to happen to change opinions and build the reputation they felt they deserved.

Name Change Options

Based on the new brand positioning, we reviewed the possibility of changing the name, including developing and testing some alternatives. We concluded that enough change could be demonstrated by a radical change in the visual identity while keeping the existing name, which had significant equity, particularly amongst members and regulators.

New Identity System

The new identity featured a bold palette of purple and pinks and incorporated the strap-line we developed - ‘Bringing medicines to life’ - along with a geometric tree symbol. Based on the idea of smaller components collaborating to create something bigger, the geometric tree we designed was inspired by an ancient medical symbol. We then brought the tree to life across everything from signs to digital formats and print applications.


Sample ABPI certificate-page-001.jpg


Giving the Office Environment a Distinctive Identity

The visual identity was then applied to the new ABPI offices on Victoria Street, and launched to coincide with the official opening.  People observed that the personality of the organisation felt radically different in the new environment


The combination of Hensley Partners and L&Co enabled us to buy expertise from both a leading brand strategy agency and a world-class creative partner. The result was a well thought out strategy based on data and analysis, which won the agreement of the Board and translated seamlessly into a fresh, bold, and highly appropriate new brand identity. The new identity has been significant in getting stakeholders to look at the ABPI in a new light.