Collaborative Brand Strategy Development

We worked closely with the founding partners to help them develop a brand positioning that would work for their different target audiences - including government ministers, health service leaders, investors and academic experts.

From the insight that New Medicine Partners help to translate advanced science and technology into effective practice – transforming health systems and enabling people to live healthier lives for longer - we designed an identity, website and communications.

Brand Identity Guide

This ensures the consistency, and hence strength, of the new brand. The guide acts as blueprints; showing the ways the logo, colours, imagery, design systems, typefaces, verbal identity and more are used in branded materials.



The New Medicine Partners website reflects the brand identity, showcasing the work they do, the people it helps, and the people doing it.


Marketing collateral - templates for physical and digital media

We designed a range of materials to ensure that the brand would be effectively and consistently communicated across different physical and digital media. These included business cards, a PowerPoint template for screen and print presentations, and a favicon for Social Media.


New-Medicine-Identity-by-Ian-Whalley (3).png