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Bringing creative intelligence to solve business and branding challenges through strategy and design


Creative Intelligence

We're a London, Brussels and Tallinn based brand and business consultancy. We partner with clients around the world to understand and resolve business and branding challenges through collaborative problem solving and design. Adding our insight and creative intelligence helps create positive change and sustainable business results.



We like to work with our clients as partners, sharing their goals and helping to shape their success. Multiple perspectives bring better solutions. We enjoy our work, and find our clients value the experience of working together in flexible teams.


We bring extensive international experience, and base our recommendations on analysis and insights into your customers, competitors, capabilities and commercial opportunities. Where needed we design and analyse original quantitative and/or qualitative research.


Most of our clients are long-term clients who come back to us because we have positive impact on their businesses in terms of increasing profit and growth - making their businesses more sustainable.

Managing your Risk


Understand the value at risk

Brands are hugely valuable corporate assets, worth many millions and sometimes billions – up to and often above 20% of the enterprise value. However, unlike other corporate assets of often lesser value (like buildings, inventory, IT systems) they are rarely independently audited, and often aren’t managed for value.

Managing your Brand is commercially important for three reasons:

  1. The brand is one of few very levers that directly affect revenue growth and margins
  2. There is a real danger of wasting money on ineffective brand activity
  3. Brands are fragile assets that can lose a lot of value quickly if mismanaged

Discover how our services can help you manage your brand effectively.

Avoid inefficiency

Our experience of working with many brands around the world has shown four areas in which even major brands spending millions on marketing fall down: 

  1. Failing to appeal to customers on the factors that really drive their choices
  2. Making claims that are not believable to their audiences, either because they don't give reasons to believe, or because the promise doesn't match the reality of their brand experience
  3. Lack of consistency - where a person or brand is inconsistent, it is hard to believe anything they say
  4. Failure to differentiate, most commonly by making claims that are true for everyone in their category, and not expressing what is special about the brand.

Maximising your Potential

The different stages of a business require different approaches, and we can help maximise your potential at each one.



First impressions are critical, both for your target audience and your potential investors. We work with start-ups to clarify the business and brand proposition, then develop appropriate names, logos, identity systems, websites and communications guidelines.


Growth Stage

After initial growth many companies need to refocus their business and revisit or refresh their brands to reflect their success. This can be to position you for new markets, sectors or geographies - creating the image of what you want to become, and putting in place the organisation that you need to deliver it.


Established Organisations

We work with large national and international organisations around the world, auditing their brands and helping refine their business and brand strategies in response to future trends and changing social attitudes.  Where needed, we work on renaming (e.g. following M&A), rebranding, redesigning the brand experience and aligning corporate communications.

Hensley Partners’ understanding of different cultures helped us to develop effective brand strategies for different regions across the world.