BEFORE:   Birla Tyres old website

BEFORE:  Birla Tyres old website

AFTER:  The new Birla Tyres website by Hensley Partners

AFTER: The new Birla Tyres website by Hensley Partners


Updating Perceptions of Birla Tyres

Birla Tyres has been one of India's leading tyre manufacturers for over 25 years, having been set up in collaboration with Pirelli in the early 1990s. However, while there has been significant recent investment in R&D, new tyres, an enhanced logistics capability and a new regional managment structure to take Birla Tyres closer to its customers, public and trade perceptions had lagged behind.

Being known for our work with other tyre and automotive manufacturers around the world,  we were brought in to help transform the image of the brand by bringing the website up to world-class standards. We have now launched a new website with a new look and feel - and are continuing to collaborate to add future interactive functionality to engage their customers.

Market Research

We started with some online research to gauge opinion of tyre buyers across India, particularly buyers of tyres for commercial vehicles and 2-wheelers - these being the target customers for Birla Tyres new ranges.

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Brand Positioning - what they want to be known for

We then discussed the findings in a management workshop, and identified the unhelpful image attributes they needed to lose - old, no-innovation, etc. - and the attributes they need Birla Tyres to be respected for: quality, value-for-money, reliability etc.



We helped them clarify their new brand positioning in more detail, and their mission - which became the brief for the new website.


New look and feel

To bring the updated Birla Tyres brand proposition to life, we designed a new look and feel for the website. It has moved away from volumes of small text to shorter, clearer messages. It has moved from from talking about the company to talking about the products and the benefits for customers.  And shifted from an old fashioned style to a more contemporary, responsive look and feel.


Stronger imagery

To bring the site to life, and give visitors a more visceral feel of the dynamic organisation that Birla Tyres has become, we used much stronger imagery,  including some dramatic photographs specially commissioned from one of Kolkata's leading photographers, Sudipto Ray.


Making the Product the Hero

The emphasis of the website was changed, from talking about the company, to talking about - and showing - the products, their quality, premium tyres, with beautiful new product photography, again shot specially by Sudipto Ray.

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