e2v are a British high tech company with a global presence providing leading edge imaging, sensor and communications technologies.

Future-Shaping Workshop

We developed and led a 'Future-Shaping' workshop for their top team, in which a number of major long-term trends were explored for: 

  • their likely impact on different communities around the world
  • consequent changes in behaviours of consumers, businesses and governments
  • implications for changes in demand for products, components and services

This enabled us to get insights into the implications for growth markets in new technologies where e2v could potentially supply products, services or components.

Multi-period Planning

From this several priority areas were identified and for each a set of short-term actions, medium-term projects and long-term initiatives.

New Organisational Paradigm

The team also - against the context of these expected changes in customer needs and what they needed to do to compete successfully into the future -  worked on a new corporate mission and a new organisational paradigm based around customer intimacy. 

Strategy Training Programme

Subsequently we worked with the Future Leaders in e2v, developing and presenting a training programme to give them all a set of strategic frameworks they can apply and a common strategic vocabulary.